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Reverse Repealer

Reverse Repealer A repealer is a provision included in a statute that sets a date on which that law is repealed, or ceases to be

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Conference Committee

Conference CommitteeWhen the House of Representatives and the Senate fail to agree on any portion of a piece of legislation, conference can be invited by

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A Fresh Start!

Ready for a fresh start? The 2020 Legislative Session convenes at noon today with a new Legislature and new leadership. With that comes new opportunities –

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A Big Opportunity

You have the power to change the course of a child’s life. Time and again, your voice has made the difference, protecting our schools from

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AG Opinion on Teachers’ Rights

Teachers can and should be involved in political activities! Mississippi’s Attorney General has issued a number of opinions stating that “school employees may voluntarily participate

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Two Important Things

Public schools could see full funding in the near future! But only if you demand it when you cast your vote on November 5. Remember

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We Can WIN!

If you support our public schools, our children need your vote in the August 6 Primary Election. The stakes are HUGE! There are many pro-public school candidates

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