Important Elections Next Tuesday

Next Tuesday, Nov. 2, voters will replace retiring legislators in three Mississippi House and Senate districts and elect school board members in school districts across the state.

Please help us spread the word about where the candidates stand when it comes to public schools! 

Special Election – Legislative Seats

We asked special election candidates for the Legislature to tell us their positions on education issues
 like school funding, teacher pay, pre-k, and voucher schemes that take millions of dollars away from public schools to fund private academies. You can see their answers here.

Special elections for legislative seats will be held in these districts:

  • House District 29 covers portions of Bolivar and Sunflower counties (Rep. Abe Hudson has resigned from this seat) 
  • Senate District 32 covers portions of Kemper, Lauderdale, Noxubee, and Winston counties (Sen. Sampson Jackson has resigned from this seat)
  • Senate District 38 covers portions of Adams, Amite, Pike, Walthall, and Wilkinson counties (Sen. Tammy Witherspoon has resigned from this seat)

School Board Elections

Candidates for school board elections were asked their positions on important education issues. You can see their answers here.

Contested school board elections will be held in these school districts: Columbia, Claiborne County, Cleveland, East Tallahatchie, Jackson County, North Bolivar, North Panola, North Tippah, Ocean Springs, Quitman, Starkville-Oktibbeha, South Tippah, and West Bolivar. (Elections in other school districts with open seats are uncontested.)

If Your Candidates Haven’t Responded

When candidates don’t respond to our questionnaire, it sometimes means they don’t want you to know their positions on public education. But often it’s just an oversight. If candidates in your district haven’t responded, ask them to do so now. Send them the link to the appropriate questionnaire below, and encourage them to respond right away. We will get their answers posted as soon as we receive them. 

Share this questionnaire link with candidates for House & Senate Special Elections 

Share this questionnaire link with candidates for School Board Elections

If your candidate(s) did respond, be sure to use your own social media pages to share links to their answers – let’s get the word out about candidates’ positions on public education!

If you live in one of the districts listed above, check out where the candidates stand on public education, share the info with your neighbors, and be sure to vote on November 2!

If you don’t live in one of these districts, please share this email with public education voters in those communities. Share our Facebook and Instagram posts, and retweet our tweets.

We won’t tell you which candidates to vote for (The Parents’ Campaign does not endorse candidates – that’s up to you to decide). But we will tell you what candidates have to say about their support for public schools.

Elections have real consequences. Just a few minutes of your time can make a big difference for our children and our public schools. Together, we’ve got this!


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