Our Story

Making a Difference since 2006

The Parents’ Campaign was founded by public school parents in 2006 to ensure that public school parents, educators, and supporters have a voice in the legislative and policy decisions that affect our children’s education and a means by which they can hold legislators and policy-makers accountable.

Our network of more than 64,000 Mississippians has been credited with numerous legislative and policy victories that benefit Mississippi children, teachers, and public schools. We hope you will join us!

Our Mission

To ensure a brighter future for Mississippi children by promoting better public schools through parent advocacy. We inform parents and public school supporters of legislation that affects our schools, help them identify and contact their own legislators, and report to them how their legislators vote on bills that determine the level of education offered their children. By giving public school advocates a means by which their voices can be heard, we are working together to change our state for the better.

Our vision

To engender a public education system that affords all students excellent public schools so that children can become what they dream.


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