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The Voucher Hoax in Your Mailbox

Privatizers are sending out mailers intended to trick public school supporters into backing vouchers. Their direct mail pieces claim that Education Savings Accounts (their fancy

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Ready to Learn

Ready for the best year yet! Mississippi public school teachers are welcoming students back to class, excited, focused, and ready to “raise the bar!” Our

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New State Education Plan

The Mississippi Department of Education (MDE) wants your feedback on its new plan for public education in our state. Each state is required to submit

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News on School Funding

Yesterday, Governor Bryant signed HB 1502, the school funding bill, an action which starts the clock ticking on teacher non-renewal notices. Districts must issue written

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High Growth Formula

A school district’s MAEP allocation is determined by multiplying the state’s portion of the base student cost by the district’s average daily attendance. The average daily attendance figures that

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