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Wow! Look What You Did!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to our tireless members for calling, texting, emailing, and meeting with your legislators again and again and again –

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Still Waiting

The House and Senate have dealt with the majority of legislation and expect to complete their work and adjourn the session tomorrow. The House adjourned

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The Time is Now

Mississippians love their public schools! We expect the legislators we send to Jackson to support each and every public school, in every county across our

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MAEP and Private School Funding

This week, the House passed HB 1613, the public school appropriation bill. In its initial form, the bill underfunds the MAEP by $261-million, however the chairman explained

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Hattiesburg Event Postponed

Threatening weather is predicted for today (Thursday, Feb. 16), so we’ve decided to postpone our MAEP event that was scheduled for this evening in Hattiesburg.

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