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Voucher Program a Failure

Across the U.S. and in Mississippi, voucher programs have been a failure and a massive waste of taxpayer dollars. Nationally, research shows that children receiving

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Oh, the Ironies!

All too often, in the halls of the state Capitol, the interests of voters are pushed aside while back room deals and political maneuvers determine

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Initiative 42

Initiative 42 was a citizen-led effort to amend the Mississippi Constitution to give each child the right to an adequate public education. The amendment was

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Good News!

“As if my legislators have ever been my voice!” This was the frustrated retort of one of our members to a lawmaker’s claim that Initiative

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Thank You!

Thank you to the wonderful volunteers all across Mississippi who fought so hard for our children. You are my heroes! Although Initiative 42 did not pass,

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Can’t Touch This!

Are you ready for a more education-friendly Legislature? We can elect one tomorrow! Heads-up: It is critical that you fact-check your candidates before you cast your

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