Senate Passes Bill Fully Funding the Adjusted MAEP

Today, the Senate passed unanimously (see vote) the preK-12 appropriation bill, fully funding the adjusted MAEP formula and increasing funding to public schools by $181.1-million.
Please join us in thanking Chairmen DeBar and Hopson, Lt. Gov. Hosemann, and our senators for their commitment to public schools!
The Senate also passed unanimously HB 1369, which they amended to make fairly minor technical adjustments to the MAEP. Importantly, the Senate proposal leaves intact and unchanged the MAEP formula for figuring the base student cost, the primary determinant of school funding. It also:
• raises the local contribution cap from 27% to 29.5%, enhancing the equity provision of the formula
• leaves the minimum millage required for the local contribution unchanged at 28 mills
• adjusts the MAEP inflation component enacted during the Barbour administration (see details)
Both bills now will go to the House of Representatives where they will either concur with the Senate plan or invite conference.
Ask your representative and Speaker Gunn to:
  1. Support minor technical amendments to the MAEP formula alongside a commitment to FULLY FUND public schools this year
  2. Keep public funds in PUBLIC schools 

Capitol Switchboard: 601.359.3770

Find additional contact information for legislators

Speaker Gunn: 601.359.3300

A few districts will not see a significant bump in funding, even with the greatly increased investment, due to a substantial drop in average daily attendance. The Senate proposal would hold them harmless for any loss this year. Earlier today, the Senate made available a spreadsheet providing additional details of their plan. (see details)
Many of our legislators ran on a promise to fully fund public schools if and when funding was available. With an extra $1-billion in recurring revenue to spend, public school parents and teachers are watching to see if they make good on their promises.
Calls to legislators make a tremendous difference. Representatives need to hear from you now. Please ask other public education supporters to call, as well. Our teachers and children deserve fully funded schools, and together, we’ve got this!
You can find updates on other bills we are following on the bill tracker page of our website.

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