November 2023

TODAY is Giving Tuesday

If you haven’t already, please take a moment today to support The Parents’ Campaign with a monetary contribution that fits your budget. No amount is too small, and your Giving Tuesday donation will help to ensure that we have the resources necessary to keep pressing for fully funded public schools, broad access to high quality pre-k, […]

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We Can Do This

When the 2024 Legislature convenes in just over a month, we will be there. My colleagues and I at The Parents’ Campaign promise to be your eyes and ears at the Capitol. We will let you know about important bills that help – or harm – your schools, what the impact will be, if and

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Too Many to Count

We have so many reasons to be thankful!  For starters, we are exceedingly thankful for our rock star public school teachers, who are doing what many thought impossible.  In a state accustomed to bottom-tier rankings on the good lists and top-tier rankings on the bad ones, our public school teachers have defied the odds, landing

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Lots of New Faces

Many thanks to all who exercised your right to vote yesterday – and to all those who put themselves forward for service to our state as candidates for public office!We will be welcoming many new faces into the 2024 Legislature. Nearly three dozen House and Senate seats have changed in this election. If you have new

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VOTE Today!

Whatever you have on your agenda for today, please make time to VOTE! Polls are open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. If you are in line by 7:00 p.m., you must be allowed to vote, so don’t leave until you do! Before you head to the polls: Find your polling place Check candidates’ answers

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Your County is Critical

The fate of Mississippi children over the next four years rests in our hands, and your county could decide tomorrow’s election. It is absolutely essential that we pull out all the stops and ensure a victory for our children and our public schools. We must get every single public education voter to the polls, and we

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High Stakes for Teacher Pay and School Funding

Your vote on Tuesday could have a dramatic impact on our children’s futures! When it comes to teacher pay, school funding, special education services, access to quality pre-k, keeping public funds in public schools, and more, the stakes are incredibly high, and recent history is likely to provide a more accurate picture of some candidates’

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Only 8 Schools Districts Have Sufficient Funding

Researchers at two universities teamed up with the Albert Shanker Institute to determine what it would cost individual school districts across the country to bring their students to the national average in student achievement. They considered things like cost of living, poverty rates, labor costs, and enrollment to figure the total estimate, then compared that

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