November 2016

When “Portability” Means “Privatize”

“Isn’t the MAEP based on students’ needs?” “Why do we need a new formula?” These are now our most frequently asked questions. The answer to the first question is, “Yes.” EdBuild proposes using a base student cost, which we use now, and replacing our “add-ons” with “multipliers” to fund additional needs like poverty and disabilities. They agree […]

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Too Many Red Flags to Ignore

The November “public” hearing about the MAEP revamp raised even more red flags in a process that already had public education supporters deeply skeptical. It has become crystal clear that this is not a sincere effort to engage in a meaningful analysis of the critical, complicated formula that determines our schools’ funding. This rushed, secret effort is

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EdBuild Contract to be Kept Secret

Taxpayers will never know what is in the contract between our legislative leaders and EdBuild, the firm they have hired to recommend changes to the way Mississippi public schools are funded. After news organization Mississippi Today requested a copy of the contract, the House Management Committee voted to adopt a new policy that keeps all of its contracts, including

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Critical Points in MAEP Revamp

The school funding revamp remains a pressing concern for public school supporters. Here’s the latest… Public hearings about possible changes to the Mississippi Adequate Education Program (MAEP) have not yet been scheduled, however, Lt. Gov. Reeves and Speaker Gunn have set up an email address for the public to use to provide input. You can send your thoughts and

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