Your County is Critical

The fate of Mississippi children over the next four years rests in our hands, and your county could decide tomorrow’s election. It is absolutely essential that we pull out all the stops and ensure a victory for our children and our public schools. We must get every single public education voter to the polls, and we must encourage them to vote for the candidates who have demonstrated a real commitment to our public schools.

We know how busy you are, so we have devised a plan that will take you only a few minutes but could reap enormous benefits for our children and our public schools. Please set aside five minutes today to do the following:

  • Save our vote reminder on your phone and text it to your contacts (download here or see graphic below)
  • Share our FacebookX (Twitter), and/or Instagram posts
  • Offer someone a ride to the polls – a first-time voter (college student or high school senior), or an elderly friend

And, by all means, VOTE tomorrow! Before you head to the polls:

If you have more time to devote to this election, give us a call at 601-961-4551, and we will help you find a place to volunteer.

We’ve got one day left, and we will have to live with these election results for the next four years. Our teachers go to the mat for our children every day, and they are well worth five minutes of our time to ensure them elected leaders who value their input and support their work. Let’s each do our part and win the day for our children and teachers.

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