TODAY is Giving Tuesday

If you haven’t already, please take a moment today to support The Parents’ Campaign with a monetary contribution that fits your budget. No amount is too small, and your Giving Tuesday donation will help to ensure that we have the resources necessary to keep pressing for fully funded public schools, broad access to high quality pre-k, and professional salaries for teachers – and to defeat the harmful voucher and tax credit schemes that could devastate our public schools and communities.

Through midnight tonight, November 28, your donation will be doubled, thanks to matching funds from a generous donor! You can make your contribution online, or mail your check to:

The Parents’ Campaign
222 North President Street, Suite 102
Jackson, MS 39201

Our teachers and students have shown repeatedly that they are among the very best investments of our state tax dollars, doing more with less than schools in any other state. They deserve the very best that we can give them, and we pledge to do our part to make that happen. Your support can make all the difference!


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