Month: January 2019

RED ALERT: Call Representatives, Another Voucher Threat

New voucher threat in the House chamber this morning! Please call your representative right away. House Bill 1072 includes many of the same provisions as the terrible Senate voucher bill we told you about yesterday. One of the worst? It gives unaccountable private schools MORE money – not less – than public schools receive in MAEP per-student …

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Time to Call Legislators: Voucher Threat

Grab your cape! It’s time for our children’s heroes to take action. A number of privatization bills have been filed in each chamber, and among the worst is voucher expansion legislation, Senate Bill 2675, introduced by Senate Education Chair Gray Tollison. Here’s what SB 2675 would do: • open vouchers to ALL students, adding an estimated 4,700 new …

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Facts: Mississippi ESA Voucher Program

FACT: Since the special education voucher program began, the Legislature has underfunded special education in public schools by $101.7-million. (Sources: Mississippi Department of Education, The Parents’ Campaign Research and Education Fund) FACT: Special education in public schools is underfunded almost $30-million this school year alone. FACT: 67% of the voucher schools responding to the PEER investigation admitted that public …

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Reeves Threatens Voucher Expansion

Remember that special education voucher program that was supposed to help children with special needs? Well, here’s the truth about that hoax (and keep reading to see what Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves is proposing now)… The voucher program rules stack the deck against children with special needs, giving all the power to private voucher schools to …

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Legislative Terms

Ad Valorem Tax ReductionA portion of a school district’s budget is made up of local ad valorem tax dollars (property taxes). This is often referred to as the local contribution. The Mississippi Legislature appropriates state dollars to offset (reduce) part of the local ad valorem tax.  Chickasaw CessionChickasaw Cession funding is an annual appropriation by the …

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Time to Grab Your Cape!

Grab your cape! The 2019 Legislature is in session. We are looking forward to working with our children’s heroes – parents, educators, and legislators – to strengthen public education. How will you know if your legislators are among the heroes voting to support strong public schools? The Parents’ Campaign will make it easy! We’ll cut through …

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Guide to PRO- and ANTI-Public Education Bills

Each year, hundreds of education bills are introduced, some good, some bad. The Parents’ Campaign will make sure you know the difference. In turn, you can help your legislators understand the effect legislation will have on your schools. PRO-public education bills will (ask legislators to vote yes): Provide teachers and students the resources they need to …

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Speaker Gunn's proposed income tax elimination jeopardizes teacher pay raises and school funding far into the future.

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