Month: November 2015

Budget Cuts Possible Due to Corporate Tax Breaks

Mississippi’s Legislative Budget Committee met Monday and made it official: the state isn’t taking in as much revenue as was estimated when legislators adopted this year’s budget back in the spring, so budget cuts could be on the table in the coming months. Why? Largely because of corporate tax cuts that the State Legislature has passed …

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Good News!

“As if my legislators have ever been my voice!” This was the frustrated retort of one of our members to a lawmaker’s claim that Initiative 42 would have eliminated her voice at the Capitol. It sums up well what we have heard from thousands of you: in too many cases, you do not believe that …

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Thank You!

Thank you to the wonderful volunteers all across Mississippi who fought so hard for our children. You are my heroes! Although Initiative 42 did not pass, the vote was very close, despite voter confusion due to the intentionally convoluted ballot. There is all kinds of speculation about why the vote came down as it did. Here’s …

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Our Children Need Your Vote Today

Our children need your vote today – on Initiative 42 and for an education-friendly Legislature. Their futures depend upon it; can they count on you? Do you know how to mark your ballot in favor of Initiative 42? Two steps are required. First, you must vote to amend the constitution (FOR APPROVAL OF EITHER), then you …

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Can’t Touch This!

Are you ready for a more education-friendly Legislature? We can elect one tomorrow! Heads-up: It is critical that you fact-check your candidates before you cast your vote. Some incumbent legislators who have voted consistently against better school funding are claiming in their campaign materials to support full funding of the MAEP. Compare the claims to their actual …

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