No Action on Vouchers; Governor Cuts Budgets, Including MAEP

Neither the House nor the Senate took up a voucher bill in committee today. While that is a very good sign, we won’t be entirely out of the woods until tomorrow night’s midnight deadline. These bills could be passed out of committee and go straight to the floor for a vote.

Please ask your legislators to vote NO on these bills:

House: HB 1703

Senate: SB 2575, SB 2585, SB 2947

Find contact information for your legislators here.

Governor Makes More Mid-year Budget Cuts

State revenue continues to lag estimates, and Governor Bryant was forced to make yet another round of cuts to this year’s budget – the third round of cuts this fiscal year and the fifth in 14 months. This time, all of education, including the Mississippi Adequate Education Program, was included in the cuts. Public schools will see their budgets reduced statewide by a total of $11,207,191. 

You might recall that, over the past several years, we have warned repeatedly that the massive tax breaks given corporations by the Legislature would have a significant negative impact on public schools and other critical state services. Unfortunately, that is exactly what we are seeing. The even worse news is that the largest of the corporate tax cuts have not yet been phased in. 

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