Three Cheers for the Mississippi Legislature!

Three cheers for the Mississippi Legislature – all voucher bills are DEAD! Due to lack of support, the bills never came up for a vote.

Please thank the legislators who stood with parents and educators to kill privatization bills that would have harmed public schools. Find contact information for legislators in your school district.

Capitol Switchboard: 601.359.3770

Share the same message with Lt. Governor Reeves: Capitol, 601.359.3200, and Speaker Gunn: Capitol, 601.359.3300.

Now we can focus our efforts on the rewrite of the school funding law to ensure that our children will have the school resources they need to compete with their peers in other states. As you thank your legislators for their good work so far this session, please ask that they stand with us on this issue, as well. We need their help to ensure:
• that the public has ample time to fully vet and respond to all proposed changes to the school funding law, including public hearings
• that the proposal includes impact data and projected annual school district funding levels for a minimum of five years (click here to see what the current law requires)

The new law should require, at a minimum, the level of funding called for by the current law. We continue to be concerned about indications from the leadership that they intend to craft a law that would require no specific funding level for schools and no mechanism to adjust for rising costs over time.

Thank you for standing with our children and their public schools! We promise to keep you posted on what we are hearing. Together, we’ve got this.

If you value the efforts of The Parents’ Campaign and would like for our work to continue, click here to support us with a donation.

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