Our Children Need Your Vote Today

Our children need your vote today – on Initiative 42 and for an education-friendly Legislature. Their futures depend upon it; can they count on you?

Do you know how to mark your ballot in favor of Initiative 42? Two steps are required. First, you must vote to amend the constitution (FOR APPROVAL OF EITHER), then you must vote FOR Initiative Measure No. 42. See ballot instructions here.

Note – please pay special attention to your ballot. In some cases, the “A” on the ” Alternative Measure 42 A” choice may have been pushed to the next line, further complicating the ballot. Be sure to mark the first choice in each section as noted above to vote FOR Initiative Measure 42 for adequate school funding.

In addition to voting for Initiative 42, you will have the opportunity to vote for candidates in statewide and legislative races. Have you fact-checked candidates’ campaign claims? Some incumbent legislators who have voted consistently against better school funding are claiming in their campaign materials to support full funding of the MAEP. Compare their claims to their actual education votes here. Let’s replace those who vote against us and bring back those who vote to support our public schools.

Want some inspiration? Check this out and share it: https://youtu.be/hm_noI9cJ-c  Mississippi parents and teachers love our public schools!

My votes today will be FOR candidates who believe in providing an adequate public school education to all Mississippi children and FOR Initiative 42 to ensure that adequately funded public schools become the norm, not the exception, in my home state. I hope you’ll join me. Please encourage everyone you know to go to the polls and cast their votes for a brighter future for Mississippi children!

Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Find your voting location here:

Nancy Loome

Executive Director

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