Can’t Touch This!

Are you ready for a more education-friendly Legislature? We can elect one tomorrow!

Heads-up: It is critical that you fact-check your candidates before you cast your vote. Some incumbent legislators who have voted consistently against better school funding are claiming in their campaign materials to support full funding of the MAEP. Compare the claims to their actual education votes here: Let’s replace those who vote against us and bring back those who vote to support our public schools.

Initiative 42 – Let’s WIN THIS!

Hey, all you “Yes for Initiative 42” video stars, you’ve hit the big-time…MC Hammer gave our video and Initiative 42 a shout-out on Twitter. Can’t touch this! See his tweet here.

Let’s use this last day to mobilize the vote FOR Initiative 42, because adequate funding means more funding for every single school district! See what adequate means for your district hereWe need to get all pro-42 voters to the polls, and we must make sure they know how to mark their ballots! Ballot confusion is our biggest threat.

Three simple ways you can help us overcome that and win tomorrow:

 Email and text your friends asking them to vote FOR Initiative 42

• Share the sample ballot via:

  • Facebook: sample ballot post

  • Other social media: sample ballot photo (right click and save image)

  • Email: sample ballot document

  • Text: sample ballot photo (save this photo to your phone and text it to your friends)

 Go “Uptown Funk for 42” and share our fun video by email, text & social media (see anybody you know?)

Get all the info you need about Initiative 42 here. Get answers to the false claims here. We’ve got one more day – let’s rally the troops and win the day for Mississippi children!

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