November 2013

Myth vs. Reality

Myths Plaguing Public Education and Why They Are Not True Myth #1: Over 60% of the state budget is spent on public education.Reality: This argument relies on the assumption that the General Fund (just under $5-billion) provides all available state revenue. The fact is, the General Fund makes up less than one-third of the state

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Tips for School Success

Successful students… Eat a good breakfast every morning. Are not tardy – wake up early enough to get to school on time. Get plenty of sleep – turn in early. Write down their assignments carefully – be sure to get the phone numbers of a few classmates just in case you missed something. Do their

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Maintenance of Effort

A Maintenance of Effort provision requires that an entity continue to “do its fair share” in providing funding to an agency under its jurisdiction in order to be eligible for financial assistance for that agency from another entity. For example, federal funding often comes with a Maintenance of Effort provision that requires states to continue

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Motion to Reconsider

When a bill is held on a motion to reconsider, the bill is placed back on the calendar and cannot move forward until the chamber again takes it up on the floor for additional debate. This provides an opportunity for members to change their votes on the bill. Often, when the bill is brought back

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