Motion to Reconsider

When a bill is held on a motion to reconsider, the bill is placed back on the calendar and cannot move forward until the chamber again takes it up on the floor for additional debate. This provides an opportunity for members to change their votes on the bill.

Often, when the bill is brought back up, the person who handled the bill on the floor initially will make a motion to table (or defeat) the motion to reconsider. If the motion to table the motion to reconsider passes, the previous vote stands and the bill moves forward according to the original vote. If the motion to table the motion to reconsider fails, the bill is back on the floor for debate and a new vote on the bill is taken.

If the motion to reconsider was made by the legislator handling the bill, that legislator might, when taking the bill back up, attempt to have defeated an amendment that was made to the original bill. In that case, the legislator will request a re-vote on the amendment.

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