Tips for School Success

Successful students…

Eat a good breakfast every morning.

Are not tardy – wake up early enough to get to school on time.

Get plenty of sleep – turn in early.

Write down their assignments carefully – be sure to get the phone numbers of a few classmates just in case you missed something.

Do their homework – all of it – and turn it in on time.

Keep their bookbags, desks and rooms organized so they can find what they need easily and make good use of their time.

Start reviewing notes at least three days before a test – don’t wait until the night before the test to study.

Begin work on projects as soon as they are assigned – don’t procrastinate.

Look over each subject every night – even if no homework is assigned.

Prepare and pack up the night before. Lay out clothes or uniforms, socks and shoes; pack bookbags, making certain all homework assignments are completed and packed up appropriately – pay attention to details like hair accessories to avoid a last-minute panic.

Ask questions in school – it’s how we learn!

Take good notes – paying special attention when the teacher repeats something, announces that is very important, gives a hint that it will be on a test, or writes it on the board.

Read carefully and follow all directions – and double check answers if time allows.


Parents of successful students…

Read to their children and listen to their children read often and regularly.

Help their children create a study routine – a good rule of thumb is to have students do their homework as soon as they get home.

Go over homework with their children, checking for accuracy and understanding.

Check their children’s bookbags for teacher notes, missed assignments, book orders, etc.

Praise their children often. Encourage your children, use positive reinforcement, keep abreast of what is happening in school, and let them know that you are available to help when needed.

Promote healthy habits such as good eating habits, regular exercise, and good personal and health hygiene.

Maintain a stress-free environment at home. A stress-free child is a happy child, and a happy child will do better in school.

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