We Can WIN!

If you support our public schools, our children need your vote in the August 6 Primary Election. The stakes are HUGE!

There are many pro-public school candidates running in both party primaries and you can read where candidates stand on issues like teacher pay, vouchers, pre-k, and school funding on our Candidate Q&A website. If there are candidates in your district who haven’t yet responded to our Candidate Q&A, it isn’t too late. They can submit their responses online here.

If you will be out of town on August 6 or otherwise unable to vote, be sure to vote absentee now.

Let’s make this Mississippi’s Public Education Election!

Voters across Mississippi are fed up with elected officials who have jeopardized our public schools and tried to intimidate and silence educators when they’ve stood up for our children. The just-released Chism-Millsaps poll found that, overwhelmingly, voters want more funding for public schools and better pay for teachers, and they oppose vouchers that send our tax dollars to unaccountable private schools. Increasing funding for public schools ranks #1 on the list of concerns for voters statewide.

Our current leaders who have underfunded public schools, squashed better teacher pay, and sneaked through more voucher funding are clearly out of step with Mississippi values.

Check out our Election Toolkit to find a step-by-step guide to electing state leaders who value public schools:
• Forward this email to 10 friends
• Share our Facebook posts
• Text 10 friends and ask them to check their voter registration
• Register five new voters and offer to take them to the polls on Election Day (include teens who will turn 18 by November 5)

Want to do more? Reply to this email or call our office at 601.961.4551.

It’s time for a change – and your vote can make the difference. Our children are counting on us. And together, we’ve got this!

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