They’re Talking About YOU!

Folks in the know believe public education voters can swing this election. They are talking about you!

But we must get every single public school supporter to the polls. And they must know which candidates will stand up for our public schools.

We need your help, and it’s as easy as 1-2-3…

1. KNOW which candidates support public education.
See the candidates’ positions on public education issues
Check incumbents’ voting records (what they say doesn’t always line up with what they’ve done)
* Understand the lingo: When candidates say they want parents to have more “options,” they mean they want your tax dollars to pay their friends’ tuition at private academies; when candidates say “we can’t afford” to pay teachers more, they mean “we’d rather spend your tax dollars on pet projects for campaign donors”

2. Name your candidates! Let people know who you support and why via:
* Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) “I’m a teacher and I support …”
* Text message
* Email
* Yard signs
* Your car (bumper stickers, magnets, window paint)

3. Turn them out on Election Day – Primary Election Tuesday, August 6, 7am-7pm
* Text & email reminders to your contacts
* Offer people rides to the polls
* Agree to meet at the polls at a certain time

If you will be out of town on August 6 or otherwise unable to vote, be sure to vote absentee now.


Teachers, this is your year!
It’s time to send the message that TEACHERS MATTER!
Make a plan to go to the polls TOGETHER at 4:30 p.m. on August 6 and cast your votes for pro-public school candidates! If 4:30 doesn’t work for your school, settle on a better time and head to the polls en masse. It could be one of the most important things you do for your students, your state, and yourselves all year!

Let’s make this Mississippi’s Public Education Election! 

Want to do more? Email us at or call our office at 601.961.4551. And check out our Election Toolkit to find a step-by-step guide to electing state leaders who value public schools.

It’s time for a change – and you can make the difference. Together, we’ve got this!

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