We are Really in a Bind

We are in a real bind at The Parents’ Campaign. As mentioned a couple of weeks ago, we’ve lost a significant portion of our funding since the sunsetting of The Barksdale Reading Institute – enough so that our very existence is threatened. 

We are working hard to raise the funding we need with a combination of foundation and individual giving, but foundation support for lobbying is rare. If we are going to continue to speak truth to power and send you action alerts when important votes are imminent, we’re going to have to raise those funds through individual unrestricted gifts. Can you help us with a donation?

The very best way you can help us is to become a sustaining donor, to contribute an amount that fits your budget on a monthly basis. We have $5,000 remaining in match funding from a generous supporter, so donate ASAP to have your gift doubled.

If you prefer to donate by check, you can make it payable to The Parents’ Campaign and mail it to 222 N. President Street, Suite 102, Jackson, MS 39201.

You can also help by sharing our donation link with family and friends and encouraging them to support us. 

Together, we’ve made tremendous progress for public schools, supporting our children and teachers with critical resources as they’ve made remarkable advances in student achievement. But that progress is fragile, and our voucher fight is escalating as privatizers double down on their effort to send taxpayer dollars to private schools while public schools remain underfunded. We are determined to stick around for the long haul to keep you informed and our public schools protected. But we need your help to do that. Please dig deep and make your donation today to ensure that The Parents’ Campaign remains viable. 

Where would we be without The Parents’ Campaign? We’re hoping we won’t find out. Our children and teachers are counting on us, and together, we’ve got this!

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