PERS, MAEP, and Voucher Scams

Public schools – and your pocketbook – are on the ballot in November, and your vote could make the difference!

Among the hottest topics being discussed by legislators and candidates are PERS and school funding.

The PERS board is sounding an alarm, telling legislators that additional funding will be needed to shore up the state’s retirement program. As you know, the promise of a secure retirement is critical to recruiting and retaining teachers in our public schools.

Privatizers are goading candidates to commit to their privatization agenda: taking state funds that are intended for public schools and sending them to unaccountable private schools instead. In fact, some are pushing to mimic the “school choice” scams of states like Florida and Oklahoma, where “school” vouchers are passed out for constituents to use for “educational” expenses like big screen TVs, kayaks, and car stereos.

It is essential that every voter who cares about public schools and the strength of their communities do two things:

  1. Find out where every candidate for the legislature and statewide office stands on the “school choice” scam
  2. Go to the polls and vote for candidates who support keeping the public’s funds in the public’s schools

It’s hard to imagine a service that provides a better bang for the buck than Mississippi’s public schools. Our rock-star teachers have done more with less than teachers in any other state in country, bar none. With per-student funding among the lowest nationwide, Mississippi’s public school students have outperformed all others in academic growth.

That affects your pocketbook. Where public schools are thriving, local communities are thriving, with higher property values, strong job growth and economic development, and lower crime rates, all of which increase income and net worth – and the quality of life of every local citizen. 

And yet, instead of fully funding our public schools, some are pushing the choice agenda – handing out your tax dollars like candy to pay for any cockamamie program – or luxury item – folks choose. It is no wonder that academic achievement diminishes for students who move from public schools into these voucher programs – a colossal waste of tax dollars.

It is absolutely essential that on November 7 we vote for candidates who support public schools and educators, oppose the school choice scam, and will protect our state tax dollars. 

You can vote absentee now at your Circuit Clerk’s office if you are 65 or older or will be unable to get to the polls on Election Day, November 7.

Check out our Candidate Q&A, spread the word to every public school supporter you know, and be sure to VOTE!

Our teachers and children are counting on us, and together, we’ve got this!

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