Teacher Pay Raise Near the Finish Line

We have a signed conference report for the teacher pay raise bill!! House and Senate conferees have agreed on a historic and well deserved teacher pay raise that provides an average salary increase of $5,140 for Mississippi teachers.
All conferees have signed the conference report for HB 530, which provides higher salaries for certified teachers at all experience levels and classifications, including:
• Minimum starting pay of $41,500 for bachelor’s degreed teachers with no experience
• Average salary increase of $5,140
• Annual step increases of $400 (A), $525 (AA), $550 (AAA), $600 (AAAA)
• Larger step increases at years 5, 10, 15, and 20:
– $1,200 (A)
– $1,250 (AA)
– $1,300 (AAA)
– $1,350 (AAAA)
• $2,500 increase at year 25 for all classifications
• $2,000 pay raise for assistant teachers
The full pay raise would take effect July 1, 2022. It will not be phased in. See the proposed salary schedule.
The conference report now will go to the full Senate and House for a vote before going on to Gov. Reeves for his signature. We fully expect the report to easily pass both chambers.
Please join us in thanking Senate Education Chair Dennis DeBar, Vice Chair David Blount, House Education Chair Richard Bennett, Vice Chair Kent McCarty, Sen. Briggs Hopson, Sen. Hob Bryan, Rep. Kevin Felsher, and Rep. Jansen Owen for their diligence in crafting this important measure and seeing it through to this point. We’ll keep you posted as our legislators carry this across the finish line. Together, we’ve got this!

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