Same Problems Still Present in Voucher Conference Report

The conference report for HB 765 was filed today. Click here to read the analysis. The report, a final agreement between three Senate conferees and three House conferees who were assigned to negotiate on the bill, corrects none of the problems that were present in the most recent version of HB 765. Legislators should vote “nay” on HB 765 CR.
Click here to read a letter from a mom whose child could qualify for a voucher under HB 765. She writes beautifully about the realities surrounding this bill and the bigger picture for public education in Mississippi. She sent this letter to Lt. Gov. Reeves, Speaker Gunn, and all legislators.  

Earlier this week, a tweet revealed that the Florida lobbyists who pushed for-profit and virtual charters in Mississippi last year are backing the voucher bill being pushed here this year. Another group reported that the same voucher bill is popping up in other states in a nationwide push to privatize public education. Will your legislators vote to privatize and “profitize” Mississippi’s public schools? Read more here. 

Families As Allies, a family group that advocates on behalf of children with special needs, also has expressed opposition to this bill. See their reasons here.

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