Special Needs Advocacy Organization Opposes SB 2325 and HB 765

Families as Allies, an organization that advocates for families whose children have special needs, has announced strong opposition to the special needs voucher bills, SB 2325 and HB 765. 
The concerns presented by Families as Allies (see complete list here) include:
  • the loss of IDEA protection by any children whose parents accept vouchers and agree to withdraw their children from public schools
  • the bills’ specific prohibition against oversight of the private schools and providers that use state-funded vouchers to serve special needs children with no monitoring or regulation
Families as Allies asks legislators to work together to improve special education for 100% of the students needing services, not just the 1% who would receive vouchers.
Complete details of the organization’s critique of SB 2325 and HB 765 can be viewed here

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