Reeves, Gunn Admit Budget Error, Less Revenue Anticipated for FY2017

The legislatively-induced state budget chaos continues…

Today, Lt. Governor Reeves and Speaker Gunn announced that the state budget they rammed through the Legislature in the waning hours of the session was based on faulty numbers. It turns out that we can anticipate even less state funding than legislators were told when they blindly voted on budget-slashing appropriations bills and the state’s largest corporate tax cut in history.

That record-setting corporate handout – one that will cut another $415-million annually from state coffers in the years to come – will become law in three days unless Governor Bryant stops this madness.

Please ask Governor Bryant to veto SB 2858, the tax cut bill, and begin getting Mississippi’s fiscal house back in order. 

Governor Bryant’s office: 601.359.3150

If you really want to get your dander up, check out reporter Adam Ganucheau’s telling timeline of legislative actions that led to the current budget fiasco. It seems those in charge have very few answers to share with the public. 

The only thing that is abundantly clear is that we cannot afford the corporate handouts in SB 2858. Safe communities, roads, and bridges and an adequate education for our children should take priority over tax breaks for corporate donors. Please urge Governor Bryant to veto SB 2858.

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