Bryant Chooses Corporate Tax Cuts over MS School Children

This afternoon, Governor Bryant chose yet another huge tax break for big business over adequate funding for public schools, mental health, and other vital state services.

Despite legislative leaders having just announced that they  passed an unbalanced budget – in violation of the state constitution – and despite being unable to pay the state’s bills, requiring deep cuts to critical state services, Gov. Bryant stripped millions more from state coffers with the stroke of a pen when he signed SB 2858 late on this Friday afternoon. It is hard to imagine how anyone could consider this to be conservative, responsible governance.

If you, like thousands of citizens across our state, are fed up with government leaders who ignore the will of the people and cater instead to the donor class, start a movement in your own community! Forward this email to five friends and invite them to become informed and engaged  by clicking here. We promise to be your eyes and ears at the Capitol so that you can hold your government accountable and put the people back in the driver’s seat. Spread the word! After all, our kids are counting on us.

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