RED ALERT: Anti-teacher, Anti-public School Bill Endangers Vulnerable Children

HB 1489 is anti-teacher, anti-public school, and a threat to vulnerable children, and, unbelievably, it is likely to come up for debate in the Judiciary B committee this afternoon.

The bill would require crushing amounts of paperwork for educators, subject public school teachers to lawsuits, and further endanger the thousands of vulnerable children who are safer at school than they are at home. You can read the bill here.

Please call the members of the Judiciary B committee and ask them to VOTE NO on HB 1489:

Rep. Nick Bain, Chairman 601-953-2994

Rep. Noah Sanford, Vice-Chair 601-517-6622


Rep. Jeramey Anderson  228-206-2129

Rep. Shane Barnett 601-735-4047

Rep. Joel Bomgar 601-207-0813

Rep. Sam Creekmore, IV 662-534-9280

Rep. Dana Criswell 662-278-0299

Rep. Jill Ford 601-624-6911

Rep. Jeffery Harness 601-809-6739

Rep. Stacey Hobgood-Wilkes 601-798-3334

Rep. Kevin Horan 662-226-1817

Rep. Lataisha Jackson 662-526-1122

Rep. Dana McLean 662-328-0607

Rep. Tom Miles 601-732-9511

Rep. Gene Newman 601-316-2491

Rep. Solomon C. Osborne 601-359-3770 (Capitol switchboard, no personal number listed)

Rep. Jansen Owen 601-522-3337

Rep. Daryl Porter 601-248-8328

Rep. Rob Roberson 662-418-2914

Rep. Jody Steverson 662-837-0194

Rep. Brady Williamson 662-801-6004

Rep. Shanda Yates 601-953-7891

Rep. Henry Zuber, III 228-875-4866

The House convenes at 4:00 p.m. today (Monday). Judiciary B will meet after adjournment. Please ask your friends and colleagues to call committee members prior to the meeting and ask them to oppose HB 1489. We promise to keep you posted on the outcome.

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