Moving in the Right Direction

THANK YOU for showing up at the polls and casting your votes for candidates who support public schools!

On Tuesday, seven more incumbent legislators lost their seats, bringing the total to 12 incumbent losses in the 2019 Primary Election. With only two exceptions, the incumbents who lost their elections had poor education voting records, and they were defeated by candidates who campaigned on support for public schools.

While the Legislature is starting to look better, our concerns about statewide leadership remain.

It is critical that we elect state leaders who will clean up the mess created over the last eight years:
• the worst underfunding of public schools in state history
• the lowest teacher salaries in the nation
• a crisis-level teacher shortage
• vouchers that send public school dollars to private academies
• excessive state testing

Will you help us? Remind others about the importance of this election. Hold town hall meetings. Text your contacts. Email your friends. Call your family. Share our Facebook posts – and encourage pro-public school votes in your own posts. Retweet our tweets.

We’ve got nine weeks to rally the troops for a November 5 victory, and momentum is on our side. Let’s pull out all the stops and win the day for our children and our teachers!

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