Mississippi Public School Parents Fighting Fire with Fire!

Tired of the legislative leadership selling out our kids and our schools to corporate profiteers? You aren’t alone!

Last week, a group of Mississippi parents said enough is enough! Disgusted with a system that allows out-of-state groups hostile to public education to control our Legislature, some moms and dads from across the state have decided to fight fire with fire. 

They have formed the Mississippi Public Education Political Action Committee (PAC) to back Republican, Democratic, and Independent candidates for the Mississippi Legislature who support public schools and align with the group’s guiding principles, all outlined in a news release. 

The nonpartisan PAC has a web site and an online donation link that provides a way for public school supporters to donate to the cause.

Hats off to these dedicated parents who are stepping up in a big way to take back our Legislature from corporate profiteers who want to cash in at the expense of our children!

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