Lovin’ This!

Wow! What a terrific start to the school year! We have loved seeing the amazing back-to-school photos and videos lighting up Facebook and Twitter: colorful classrooms, creative getting-to-know-you games, and brain-stretching learning activities. Teachers are fired up and ready for another outstanding year.

Be sure to check out your own school district web site for important updates; sign up to receive your district’s email notifications, and follow your school on social media. Watch for PTO/PTA announcements, and invite other parents to sign up for our emails to track your legislators’ votes on issues that affect your schools. 

Kudos to the dedicated teachers and staff who are going the extra mile for our children, and hats off to the incredible parents who are standing up and speaking out for all Mississippi kids. 2016-2017 might be our best year yet. Together, we’ve got this!

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