Legislative Update – Some Good News

Thanks for your great work!

SB 2161, the Senate charter school bill, has been held on a motion to reconsider, so senators could have another chance to vote on this bill tomorrow. The bill allows charter schools to locate in school districts rated C without local board approval and allows students in any part of the state to cross district lines to attend charter schools, taking local tax dollars to a charter school in another community.

Please ask the senators who represent your school district to vote to reconsider and then to vote NO on SB 2161. 

Contact information for senators in your school district

 Share the same message with Lt. Governor Reeves. Capitol: 601.359.3200

HB 47 remains on the “Motion to Reconsider” calendar in the House and could come up for another vote tomorrow, though it seems to be losing support. This bill, which is extremely unfair to students and teachers, requires that they be held accountable for any new curriculum and/or assessment the very first time they see it, and it gives the State Auditor oversight of school ratings.

Legislators indicated today that they did not realize that this bill could hurt students and teachers when they voted on it yesterday, and several of them changed their votes from yea to nay. Though Chairman Moore implied this afternoon that the bill will die on the calendar, it isn’t dead yet.

Please be sure that representatives in your school district understand that HB 47 is harmful to students and teachers and to their public schools.

Contact information for representatives in your school district

Share the same message with Speaker Gunn. Capitol: 601.359.3300

Good news:

HB 958, the “silence educators” bill, was recommitted today, which means the bill is dead.

Likewise, HB 990, which required the election of all school board members at the time of the presidential and gubernatorial elections, was also recommitted.

Please make those calls to your representative on HB 47 and your senator on SB 2161, and ask that they help us defeat these two bills. Our kids are counting on us!

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