RED ALERT: Call Representatives, Another Voucher Threat

New voucher threat in the House chamber this morning! Please call your representative right away.

House Bill 1072 includes many of the same provisions as the terrible Senate voucher bill we told you about yesterday. One of the worst? It gives unaccountable private schools MORE money – not less – than public schools receive in MAEP per-student funding.

Here’s what else HB 1072 would do:
• reduce funding  for public schools, changing how average daily attendance is counted for funding purposes by deleting the law allowing excused absences for academic field trips or school-related events off campus, etc.
• invite fraud and abuse, allowing parents to use a mobile app to send state tax dollars to any fly-by-night “school” that buys an accreditation online
• open vouchers to students with any health diagnosis, including those who wear glasses or contacts and those who have never had an IEP
• keep taxpayers in the dark about how voucher schools use tax dollars, says voucher schools “SHALL NOT” be regulated

Please ask your representative to Vote NO on HB 1072!

 Share the same message with Speaker Gunn, Capitol office: 601.359.3300.

Remember to also call your senator to request a NO vote on SB 2675, the Senate voucher bill. Make absolutely sure your legislators understand that any bill that makes it easier to send public dollars to private schools is unacceptable!

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