2018 School and District Accountability Ratings Released

School and district accountability ratings have been released.  Find the grades assigned to your school and district.

The State Board of Education voted to delay for a month approval of ratings for the Corinth School District and four special schools. The Schools for the Blind and the Deaf, as well as two school0s on the Coast that also serve exclusively students who have special needs, have never received ratings. The Corinth School District has been exempted from ratings based on the A-F accountability system that has been in place since 2012.

Across Mississippi, student achievement continues to rise, and students and teachers are to be commended for their hard work. Proficiency rates in reading, math, science, and history are improving, and graduation rates are the highest they’ve ever been. You can find in-depth accountability information about your school and district on the new Mississippi Succeeds Report Card, launched today by the Mississippi Department of Education.

For some of the districts at the lower end of the accountability spectrum, the reality is better than the ratings suggest. As we predicted last year, the true level of progress being made in some of our struggling school districts has been masked by the constant resetting of cut scores – the bar by which schools are measured. Had baseline cut scores remained constant at the level set in 2016, 10 of the 21 districts rated F this year would be rated D, five of those rated D would be rated C, and 10 rated C would be rated B (see analysis and listing of these districts).

Kudos to our teachers and students who remain focused on what’s important: learning. There is so much to celebrate in Mississippi’s public schools! Be sure to thank a teacher today.

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