April 2016

Charter School Bill Will Get Another Vote

Today, Sen. Hob Bryan held the charter school bill (SB 2161) on a  motion to reconsider, giving senators another opportunity to vote on it, probably tomorrow. Please give your senator a call! As this bill stands now, even some districts currently rated A and B could be cannibalized by charter schools seeking high-performing students. How? Educators predict that changes […]

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Appointed Versus Elected Superintendents

Governor Bryant signed Senate Bill 2438 into law, providing for the appointment, rather than election, of all school district superintendents, effective January 1, 2019. The Parents’ Campaign has advocated for this change since 2008. Updated 4/24/2012 There are about 60 school districts in Mississippi in which superintendents are elected. Throughout the US, with over 14,500 school districts,

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Urgent: School Funding at Risk

This afternoon, a House committee passed a tax cut bill (SB 2858) that would reduce state revenue by $134-million next year through elimination of the 3% income tax bracket. If the state has $134-million to give away, then the state has $134-million to increase school funding. See what $134-million in additional MAEP funding would mean for your school district. Remind

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Charter Bill Needs a Change – Please Call

Please give your senator a call about the charter school bill before Monday afternoon. While high quality charter schools can be a beneficial addition in chronically under-performing (D or F) school districts, they have the potential to harm good school districts by pulling away resources and diminishing the education provided to the vast majority of

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