Urgent: School Funding at Risk

This afternoon, a House committee passed a tax cut bill (SB 2858) that would reduce state revenue by $134-million next year through elimination of the 3% income tax bracket.

If the state has $134-million to give away, then the state has $134-million to increase school funding. See what $134-million in additional MAEP funding would mean for your school district. Remind legislators that Mississippi parents want our public schools fully funded before any tax cuts are considered.

Ask your representative and Speaker Gunn to stand up for our children and vote NO on SB 2858.

Find contact information for the representatives in your school district.

Speaker Gunn Capitol: 601.359.3300

If this bill passes, class sizes will remain high and many schools will continue to go without the reading coaches, interventionists, and other supports our children need to be successful. Meanwhile, the Senate is set to concur on a bill that will raise the reading test score that third-graders are required to meet in order to be promoted to fourth grade – a move that makes the need for additional school funding even more urgent.

Schools are woefully underfunded, roads and bridges are crumbling, and Mississippi is under a court order for failing to provide adequately for the protection of children in foster care. It is preposterous and irresponsible for legislators to consider reducing revenue when they cannot pay their bills now.

Please also remember to contact your senator about the charter school bill.

Ask your senator and Lt. Governor Reeves to send SB 2161 to conference where C districts can be removed from anything having to do with charter schools.

Find contact information for the senators in your school district.

Lt. Governor Reeves Capitol: 601.359.3200

Please ask everyone you know to contact their legislators about these important bills. Our kids are counting on us!

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