What You Can Do to Influence Your Legislators

If we want our legislators to cast votes that are in line with our priorities and values, it is incumbent upon us to let them know what our priorities and values are. If we expect them to vote for adequarte school funding and strong standards, or against privatization efforts, we need to be sure that they understand that these are our expectations.

Call your legislators and let them know, specifically, how you would like for them to vote on a given issue. (Click here to find your legislators.) Keep calling. Ask everyone you know to call. Eventually, your legislators will get the message.

Forward The Parents’ Campaign’s emails to your family and friends, and ask them to contact their legislators on behalf of public schools.

Write letters to the editor to let members of your community know about legislative issues that affect public schools and where your legislators stand on those issues.  (Click here to see tips on writing letters to the editor.)

Tell everyone you know – everyone – how your legislators are voting.  The people in your community deserve to know how they are being represented at the Capitol.  We elect our legislators to vote in the best interests of our communities, and they should be held accountable for those votes.

Visit your legislators. Come to the Capitol and meet with them about issues of importance to you.

Remember that your legislators work for you; you pay their salaries; you elected them.  The vast majority ran on a promise to support public schools.  Hold them to it.

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