Voucher Bill Headed to House Floor

The House Education Committee has passed House Bill 943, a voucher bill that would send your tax dollars to private, virtual, for-profit, and home schools to cover the cost of tuition and other expenses.

The bill would provide some students, even some without disabilities, more funding than is allocated for each student attending public schools, and could cost the state as much as $30-million next year. It would allow parents of private and home school students to invest unused voucher funds in Coverdell Savings Accounts to pay for college tuition. HB 943 requires no accountability for the quality of education provided for our tax dollars, and it opens the door wide for fraud and abuse. Click here to read a summary of the bill.

The bill will go to the House Appropriations Committee and if it passes that committee, will go to the House for a floor vote.

Ask your representative to vote NO on vouchers – HB 943

Contact information for legislators who represent your school district

Share the same message with Speaker Gunn: 601.359.3300 (Capitol office)

Watch as Dr. Buddy Chain of Oxford reminds legislators that public dollars should be kept in public schools:

Buddy Chain

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