Time to Grab Your Cape!

Grab your cape! The 2019 Legislature is in session. We are looking forward to working with our children’s heroes – parents, educators, and legislators – to strengthen public education.

How will you know if your legislators are among the heroes voting to support strong public schools? The Parents’ Campaign will make it easy! We’ll cut through the spin and tell you the truth about the impact each bill will have on your school and your child. See this guide to pro- and anti-public education legislation that we anticipate being proposed.

In today’s opening session, Sen. Terry Burton of Newton announced that he will resign his post as President Pro Tempore of the Senate (second in command), though he will continue to serve as the senator representing District 31 through the rest of this term.

No other action of significance was taken today in the House or the Senate, and, as of this writing, no bills have appeared online from either chamber.

We will be your eyes and ears at the Capitol and we’ll be sure to let you know when we need your help to protect our children’s schools. Together, we’ve got this!

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