Teachers Have Every Right to be Angry

Do they think they can pull one over on us that easily?

We saw it coming back in March. And we told you about it then – the same old tricks they’ve been using for years to deny teachers a decent pay raise and public schools adequate funding.

Surely you remember that, during this year’s Legislative Session, Lt. Governor Tate Reeves justified killing the $4,000 teacher pay raise by saying the state didn’t have enough money to cover it. We knew otherwise. See our March 25 email predicting the very scheme that unfolded last week.

It’s the same ol’ same ol’. They keep appropriations artificially low by refusing to acknowledge a chunk of existing revenue. Then they act surprised when revenue exceeds projections. They stuff the “extra” cash in the Rainy Day Fund and – presto! – recurring tax revenue becomes “one-time money” that can’t be used for recurring expenses like the MAEP or teacher pay.

Last week, Reeves held a press conference to announce (wait for it…) that revenue has exceeded projections. (Well, I’ll be darned!) So now he says there’ll be plenty of money for a teacher pay raise if he’s elected governor.

We’re hearing from teachers who are madder than a wet hen that politicians think they are so easily fooled. Teachers have every right to be angry. We all do. We deserve leaders who shoot straight with us every day, and who use our tax dollars as we intend: for fair teacher pay, fully funded public schools and pre-k, safe roads and bridges. If you’re sick of the shenanigans of elected officials who play hide-and-seek with public money and leave taxpayers – and our children – in the lurch, join us in voting for change on November 5.

See what candidates for statewide office and legislative seats told us about their positions on public education. And learn how, with just a few minutes of your time, you can help elect state leaders who will stand up for our teachers every day.

Share this graphic on social media and via text message. Let’s take back our government and elect folks who work for us – real public servants who support our teachers and our public schools. Together, we’ve got this!

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