State Funding

Mississippi is flush with cash, and state revenue continues to come in well ahead of projections. Today, Mississippi has $740-million more available to spend for this year than legislators appropriated – an excess that has increased with each passing month. Meanwhile, our public schools are underfunded $279-million.

Our teachers and students have proven that when we invest in them, they deliver, with our national test scores now at the U.S. average. School districts made excellent use of one-time federal pandemic funding, implementing programs and supports that helped drive school ratings to historic levels. Taxpayers invested, public schools delivered.

The 2023 Legislative Session begins on January 3. Will Mississippi make good on her promise to our children and teachers? 

A well-organized effort to lift the voices of Mississippi voters could make all the difference.

The significant teacher pay raise passed earlier this year is the most recent example of what we can accomplish together. Legislators listen when you call. Our job at The Parents’ Campaign is to add more voices, do the legwork, crunch the numbers, keep you informed, and let you know when it’s time to pick up your phone.

That takes resources. 

Your gift of $10, $25, $100, or more to The Parents’ Campaign can ensure that legislators hear from those who matter most – the people they were elected to serve. 

Tomorrow is Giving Tuesday.
I hope that you will trust us with your monetary support. You can make your donation online now, or mail your check to:

The Parents’ Campaign
222 North President Street, Suite 102
Jackson, MS 39201

Thank you for standing with us these past 16 years! Together, we have made great strides for public schools and the children they serve. Your support makes all the difference!

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