Senate Passes Bill Benefiting Retired Teachers & Public Schools

Today, the Senate passed SB 2332, which makes minor adjustments to the Mississippi Adequate Education Program. It improves equity in the MAEP by increasing funding for low-wealth school districts and adjusts the inflation factor for use in non-recalculation years. See the vote here. Senators also passed SB 2685 to allow retired teachers to return to a public school classroom full time while receiving PERS benefits, which is intended to help address our teacher shortage. See that vote.

The following bills remain on the House calendar awaiting a vote. Please ask your representatives to VOTE NO:

HB 867 imposes an extensive administrative burden on school districts by requiring that they report publicly the capacity in each grade of each school that is available for out-of-district transfer students. The bill allows students to attend schools in districts where they do not live and do not pay property tax, if the receiving district approves. VOTE NO

HB 1192
 allows a for-profit virtual school company with abysmal academic results to operate schools in Mississippi. VOTE NO

HB 1449 creates a committee, with a majority of members appointed by voucher supporters, to determine whether Mississippi should adopt a vouchers-for-all scheme. VOTE NO

Find contact information for legislators
Capitol Switchboard: 601.359.3770
Speaker White: 601.359.3300
Lt. Gov. Hosemann: 601.359.3200

Ask your legislators to VOTE YES on these bills:

HB 765 allows the Mississippi Critical Teacher Shortage Act to remain as law by extending the repeal date. VOTE YES

SB 2682 allows the Mississippi Critical Teacher Shortage Act to remain as law by extending the repeal date. VOTE YES

SB 2686 requires private voucher schools to meet the statutory requirements of the ESA voucher program in order to receive ESA funds; mandates that students be accepted by a voucher school before being added to the program’s waiting list. VOTE YES

You can check our bill tracker for updates on these bills. Please make those calls and ask other public school supporters you know to call, too. Together, we’ve got this!

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