See Your School District’s Funding for 2016-2017

Want to know how much corporate tax cuts are costing your school district? See how much your school district is getting for the coming school year (and how much it has been underfunded since 2008).

In recent years, lawmakers have said they were doing the very best they could to make good on the Legislature’s decades-old promise to provide our children an adequate education. Their actions last week proved that just isn’t true.

They had a clear choice: fund public schools adequately or reward their corporate buddies with tax cuts. They chose their corporate buddies and set in motion a plan that will bankrupt our children’s futures.

Already, the tax breaks handed out in prior years are causing the state to take back millions of dollars allocated to schools for the current year, leaving districts scrambling to raid reserve funds or cut programs. And superintendents have told me they are scaling back programs for next year, as they fear more cuts in the coming months.

And yet sitting on the governor’s desk, awaiting his signature, is another corporate tax cut bill – one that will slash another $415-million annually from state coffers in the coming years.

Ask Governor Bryant to veto the tax cut bill – SB 2858 – and restore fiscal responsibility to Mississippi.

Governor Phil Bryant: 601.359.3150

The message SB 2858 sends to children is that giving a free ride to corporate political donors is more important than providing for their education.

Governor Bryant has until May 13 to veto the bill or it will be come law, with or without his signature – and widen even more the gap between our children and a bright future. Even if you have called already, please call again, in case Governor Bryant is hoping you will forget and stop paying attention. Remind him that these are our children, and their futures are at stake. We will not forget.

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