School Board Elections Coming Soon

Have you considered running for your school board? A number of local school boards have elections coming up, and the qualifying deadline is Friday, September 3. 

See school districts with upcoming board elections

A candidate must:

  • be a bona fide resident and registered voter of the district in which the election is being held
  • have a high school diploma or its equivalent

Candidates must submit to the County Election Commission or Circuit Clerk’s office by September 3:

  • a qualifying statement of intent
  • a petition signed by not less than 50 registered voters of the area represented by the office

Well functioning local school boards are critical to the success of our public schools. Effective boards are made up of servant leaders who believe fervently in the value of public education and who act in the best interests of all children in the district, not just their own. This is not an appropriate role for those who have an ax to grind on a single issue.

We are thankful for the dedicated women and men who give generously of their time to ensure that Mississippi children and communities benefit from strong public schools. Together, we’ve got this!

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