Runoff Elections in 7 Counties

If you will be unable to go to the polls next Tuesday, and you live in one of the districts listed below, you have until noon Saturday to vote absentee.

Next Tuesday, August 29, is an important day in Alcorn, George, Greene, Harrison, Hinds, Madison, and Perry counties, where voters in six Mississippi House Districts will return to the polls for a Primary Runoff Election. If you live in one of these districts, please check out our Candidate Q&A website to find what the candidates have to say about issues that affect your public schools – then help get voters to the polls in support of your chosen candidate.

If you can’t get to the polls next Tuesday, you may vote absentee in your Circuit Clerk’s  office. Circuit Clerk’s offices are open Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and will be open for absentee voting this Saturday, August 26, from 8:00 a.m. until noon.

Typically, fewer people turn out for runoff elections, and runoffs often are determined by just a few votes. That makes it all the more important for public school supporters to go to the polls on Tuesday! Our Election Toolkit makes it easy for you to help win the day for our children.

Who can vote in the Primary Runoff?

  • If you voted in one party’s Primary Election on August 8, you should vote in that same party’s Primary Runoff Election on August 29
  • If you voted in one party’s Primary Election on August 8, you cannot vote in a different party’s Primary Runoff Election on August 29 (can’t switch parties for the runoff)
  • If you did not vote at all in the Primary Election on August 8, you may vote in either party’s Runoff Election

We are quickly approaching the September 15 deadline for first-year teachers to apply to have their college loans paid down through the Winter-Reed Loan Repayment Program.  Loan repayment will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis to 150 qualifying teachers, with priority given to those in geographic shortage areas. To be eligible, applicants must be employed full-time as first-year teachers or librarians in a Mississippi public school district. Second- or third-year teachers who have participated in the program in prior years may apply for renewal. Find the application and additional information here.

Please help us spread the word to your friends and family in districts that have runoff elections on Tuesday. Share information about the runoff candidates on social media, and encourage them to vote for public school supporters. 
Together, we’ve got this!

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