Reveal: Lights, Camera…ACTion

Worried about funding for public education? Disgusted with privatizers who want to sell out our kids? Ready to storm the Capitol, but don’t have time to make the trip?

You aren’t alone! It’s time to lift our voices in support of public education, and we’re making it easy with our #protectPUBLICed$ campaign.

Lights, camera… ACTion!

Here’s how you can do your part…

Snap a #protectPUBLICed$ selfie or shoot a 10-second video explaining why you want to #protectPUBLICed$ and keep public funds PUBLIC (no vouchers for private schools!). Get creative and include your child, a friend – even your legislators! Share it on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and send it to us at Be sure to use the #protectPUBLICed$ hashtag.

It really is that easy! Oh, and spread the word – there is power in numbers. Let’s light up social media in support of our community schools. Join the fun! Together, we’ve got this.

This is just the beginning! Stay tuned for more on the #protectPUBLICed$ campaign.

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