Really, Really Super-Cool Stuff!

Our public schools rock!!

As we struggle to adapt to the disruptions in our lives brought on by the coronavirus, public school leaders and teachers are working overtime to protect the wellbeing of our children and families – and to ensure that learning continues during this unprecedented time. Thank you, Mississippi educators! You are our heroes.

We have been awestruck by the resourcefulness of our teachers and administrators as they’ve redesigned the academic year at warp speed, compiling and creating extraordinary tools to keep students engaged, well-nourished, and LEARNING! We figured there were some slightly overwhelmed parents-moonlighting-as-teachers who could benefit from these amazing resources – so we’ve organized them for you in a new section of our web site. 

  • Need some help with math? We’ve got you covered
  • Can’t tell a dangling modifier from a compound predicate? We’ve got that, too.
  • Want the kids occupied – and learning – while you’re on that conference call? Send them on a virtual field trip to Mars, or the Smithsonian Institution, or the Louvre Museum in Paris. 
  • Ready for some FUN?? Work a puzzle, join a dance party, or take a trip to the zoo.

We’ve got a resource to fill just about every need.

Through all the turmoil, we promise to keep you posted about the policy decisions that affect the students and teachers in our public schools. And we’ll be updating our new resources site on a regular basis, so keep checking that site as well as well as our Facebook and Twitter pages – and your email inbox.

Working together, we can ensure that we land on the other side of this pandemic with our sense of humor intact and our children in good academic shape. Because they’re counting on us, and together, we’ve got this!

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