Pro-public Education Wave Sweeping Mississippi and U.S.

Public school supporters across the country  are taking to the streets to demand that their elected officials put their money where their mouths are when it comes to strengthening public schools.

Educators in the #RedforEd movement are using their “teacher voices” as they march on their state capitols and head to the polls, demanding higher salaries and better funding for their public schools. Recently, teachers in five states have left their classrooms to strike or rally at their capitols, and the pressure appears to be working. In West Virginia, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Arizona, and Colorado, lawmakers and governors are promising significant raises and/or better school funding in response to the public outcry. Read more here.

There’s a common thread among the states seeing protests: years of massive tax cuts have decimated state budgets and led to deep cuts in public education funding.

Mississippi has been named as one of the top two states ripe for a similar revolt due to poor school funding and teaching conditions. Mississippi voters agree that our legislators need to do better, declaring in poll after poll that they support raising taxes to better fund public schools. And they’re following through in the voting booth. The newly formed nonpartisan Mississippi Public Education PAC is undefeated, with all four of its endorsed state legislative candidates claiming victories in recent special elections.

Show your support for Mississippi’s public schools:

Your voice matters, and when added to thousands of others, it can make an even bigger difference for our children and our state!

Speaker Gunn's proposed income tax elimination jeopardizes teacher pay raises and school funding far into the future.

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